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Navigating My Sawyer Parent Account

You can also access your parent account while on the Class & Event details/registration page by clicking your name in the top right corner and choose Manage Account. 

These are the Sections across the top that will be useful to you:

Calendar Pages


  • This is where all of your classes and events will be listed (color coded by who is attending) and listed under the exact days of the class

  • You can Sync your calendar to Apple or Google Calendars by choosing that option above the calendar and following the instructions on how to subscribe. This will sync ALL events and will update automatically in your Apple or Google calendar every time you register for a new event.

  • To CANCEL a class, you will go into that class on the calendar (go to the date it occurs - Sept for Fall classes and Feb for Spring Classes) and send “Cancel Request”.  You may then register for another lass in that time slot.  Make sure to check back in a day or 2 to make sure we have removed your child from the class and it is no longer showing on your calendar.

Classroom Lecture

My Children

  • This is where all of your children are listed.  You can add a child here if you will need to register them for a class.

  • You can also go into each of your children and update any important information (ex. Allergies, medications, Grade Level, etc) at any time

Fragile Mail
Financial Analyst


  • Profile - Your contact information along with all of the documents you signed off on and filled out are located here.  If there any new forms that need to be filled out or signed off on, this is where they will be.  You can update contact information, secondary contact information, emergency contact, and other family information at any time.

  • Account - You can update your primary email and password

  • Orders - All of your orders that have been processed to your account are here along with the option to print them.

  • Memberships - These will be each semester that you are registered for.  Events throughout the semester will only be for members of the CURRENT semester and you can only register for them if you are a member.

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