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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Roots and Wings a homeschool cooperative (co-op)?

In any homeschool co-op, the parents volunteer their time to make things run. We require one parent or caregiver to serve 6 - 50 minute sessions out of the 12 week semester. Each family will have an opportunity to chose the position(s). If you signed up to volunteer and cannot make it for any reason, it is YOUR responsibility to find a sub.



Do I have to register for all five hours?

No! Your kid(s) can register for one hour or all five. It is entirely up to you. Please note, however, that the study hall is only open to children over the age of 8.


Can I drop off my kids if I'm not required to be there to volunteer?

Depends on their age.  Children need to be over the age of 6 to be dropped off.


Will my child(ren) be given grades for their classes?

No. Our classes are designed to be extra-curricular and no grades are given.


How much does it cost to join Roots and Wings?


  • $30 For returning families (Registered for Spring ‘23) 04/24/23 - 07/01/23

  • $40 For new families 04/26/23 - 07/01/23

  • $50 For all late registration 07/01/23 - 08/15/23 (Approval needed)


  • Fees will vary based upon the classes you have signed up for.  

  • Checks written to each individual teacher mailed within 7 days of registration.


  • $13 per child per year



Are teachers asked to sign a statement of faith?

Yes, Roots and Wings is a Christian co-op and all teachers are asked to sign a statement of faith. We are open to all families, however, and as long as a family is comfortable being taught in a Christian community, we welcome families of all backgrounds.


What is Morning Warm-Up?

A 10 minute start to our day, gathered in the Sanctuary for  the pledge, memory verse, and devotion.


What is halftime?

A 15 minute break in our day in between 3rd and 4th hour. Students are welcome to bring a small drink and snack to be consumed during this time.  We will say a prayer to bless our snack and sing happy birthday to anyone celebrating and have a few minutes of social time.  


How does registration work?

Registration is on our website and will require a PROMO CODE in order to register.  The only form of payment we accept is check.  Checks are due within 7 days of registration.


Is there a mandatory orientation for Roots and Wings?

YES!  Thursday, August 31, 2023 from 9:30 am until noon.  Orientation will not last the entire time but will be followed by an open house until noon.

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