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Volunteer Procedures

Each family is required to volunteer 6 weeks of the 12 week semester. PLEASE do not sign up for weeks if you will be on vacation.

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  • Volunteer sign up will be done via Sign-Up Genius via the link below on January 26th at 9am and will be done on a first come first serve basis. It fills up fast. We do not guarantee a volunteer position during the hours your family has signed up for co-op. If you want to work the first 6 weeks, choose a job with the starting date 2/1. If you prefer the second half of the semester, choose a job towards the bottom half with the starting date of 3/14. Feel free to print this so you are prepared for sign-up.

  • Need access code 0207 (based on Colossians 2:7) to get into our Sign Up Genius.

  • If you need to make changes to Sign Up Genius, you will need to "create an account" in order to do so.  Contact Missy if you need to change your sign up.

  • Once the sign up is complete, a chart of current volunteers will be linked below.

Calendar Pages

Day Of

  • Volunteers are to arrive early & check-in at the front desk using your phone number. Please print out your name tag and wear it. Please check the handbook for “arrival windows” for your position/hour. Grab the volunteer lanyard at the front desk. Once you arrive to your post, sign the clipboard.

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Positions & Details

  • THE  VOLUNTEER POSITIONS  &  DETAILS ARE IN OUR HANDBOOK located on the VIP homepage. You must familiarize yourself with them ahead of signing up.  


The positions are as follows:

  • Front Door Volunteers

  • Hallway Monitors

  • Substitute Volunteers


Please read the descriptions before sign-up.



  • If for some reason you cannot make it to co-op, YOU must find a parent to fill in for you. We understand last minute things happen all the time but,  it is YOUR responsibility.  (Member Directory is on our VIP Portal.  I also suggest printing and keeping it on your fridge) 

  • Volunteer subs are only for last minute emergency situations,  not for vacations or other planned events. If necessary, swap with another family for those planned dates. Please be mindful of that when signing up to volunteer.

  • Once you find someone who is subbing for you,  go to the Volunteer Chart linked on the VIP HOMEPAGE and locate the “Substitute History” section.  Fill it in so we know who is replacing you for that day. 

This semester we will be implementing a “Probationary Period” for  families who do NOT fulfill their volunteer requirements. So please check-in on time and remember to find a sub if something comes up. 

*PLEASE NOTE:  Families that fail to fulfill their position, will be put on probation the following semester and will have to volunteer the first 6 weeks, in a position given to them by the board.

Code: 0207

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