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Welcome Teachers

We are so glad you are here and grateful you have made the decision to be a part of our teaching team!  We are looking forward to this coming semester and many more to come!

In His Name,
Your RWCHC Board of Directors
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Teacher Check-In/Out Procedures

In order to gain entry into the building each Thursday morning, you must present your teacher lanyard at the door.  If you have forgotten your lanyard, please be prepared with your ID

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  • First, present TEACHER LANYARD at the door to enter.  If you forgot your lanyard, please have your ID ready.  

  • Second, head to the FRONT DESK and check-in at the computer.  You will enter your phone number and check-in.

  • Third, your sticker will print and we ask that you please wear it.

Neon Light Sign


  • Return to the FRONT DESK and the desk monitor will SCAN your tag to check out OR you may enter your phon number and check out. Once complete, please head to the designated exit.

Teacher Procedures on Sawyer

  • Once logged into your account, it should show you a calendar


  • Scroll to the month where our semester begins (Spring is February and Fall is September)  and click on your class.  Your roster should show up.


  • This is where you will take attendance each week. (you will need to make sure you clicked on the correct day of class for this).  Just click the checkmark next to each child’s name that is present that week or the X if they are absent.  This will be used in case of an emergency the day of class.  It can also be used for your purposes to look back to see who missed class previous weeks, possibly to ensure they didn’t miss something important or want to send something additional home with them that they may have missed. 


  • You can click on each child to access more information about the child/parent


  • Messages - This feature is inconsistent at the moment.  Please do not use it.  Hopefully Sawyer will make the needed improvements in the future.


  • Roster - By using the 3 dots on the top of the page, you may print your roster 2 different ways.  First would be to just choose Print Roster, this will print it exactly as you see it on the screen.  The other way would be to Download the Roster Report.  This will generate a spreadsheet form of the roster with a bunch of information that you can manipulate in a spreadsheet once downloaded.  It will be emailed to you and you must open it in any spreadsheet you have available on your computer. 

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