Temperature Checks

Every person entering the building will have their temperature checked.  Anyone with a temperature over 100.4 F will not be allowed to enter.

Halftime Cancellation

Due to large group gathering capacities, we will not be offering a halftime during our fall semester. 



There will not be a Nursery/Playroom for younger siblings not enrolled for the fall semester.

"Social Distancing"

Classroom capacity will be limited and teachers will be expected to spread the students out within the classroom.

Face Covering Policy

When individuals are unable to be at least 6 ft apart in common areas (hallways, bathrooms, entrances), the use of a face covering is strongly encouraged.  Once in the classroom, the teacher and students will be spread out and face coverings will be a matter of personal preference.  The teacher does have the right to require face coverings in their classroom and it will be stated in the class description posted to our website prior to registration.  

Hand Sanitizer and


Hand sanitizer will be readily available in each classroom and common area.  Hand washing will be encouraged.  Cleaning supplies will be provided in each room and teachers or volunteers will be expected to wipe down surfaces in between each class.

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