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Daily Check-In and Out

In order to gain entry into the building each Thursday morning, a PARENT must present the family lanyard.  Once the door monitor sees the lanyard, they will allow you and your child(ren) in.

Children will NOT be allowed in without a parent.

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  • First, present FAMILY LANYARD at the door to enter.  If you forgot your lanyard, please have your ID ready.  

  • Second, head to the FRONT DESK and check-in at the computer.  You will enter your phone number and check-in only your child(ren).

  • Third, stickers for each child will print as well as a guardian sticker.  You will be able to print more than one guardian sticker if needed.  If you are a parent checking in to volunteer, a name tag for volunteer will also print.

  • All individuals entering RWCHC will be required to wear their sticker the ENTIRE time they are with us.  Once checked-out and outside, you may remove your sticker. 

  • First, return to the FRONT DESK and the desk monitor will SCAN your guardian tag and then SCAN each child who is checking out. Once complete, please head to the designated exit.

  • Second, the Door Monitor will check the guardian tag code and match it to each child's tag.  Once matched, you are free to exit the building.

  • Doors will open each morning at 8:45 am.   ALL members and students need to check in and quietly enter the sanctuary for Morning Warm Up (Pledge, Memory Verse, and Devotion) starting at 8:50.  Students will be released to go directly to their class at 8:55.  If you arrive after 8:55, you may check in and go directly to class.

  • Once Co-op has ended for the day, be prompt in gathering up your children and belongings and relocate outside to socialize. ALL members and students need to exit the building by 1:00 pm.  This will allow the Clean-Up Crew and Board Members to quickly complete their duties.  We thank you in advance for your support in this matter!

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